Budget Nursery Bookcase


So I have decided on a accenting my neutral nursery with a primary colour scheme.  I am choosing slightly muted hues to match the vintage colours of the walls.

IMG_1897We picked up a standard office style bookcase from our local consignment store, and some spray paint in colours as close as I could find to my paint swatches, the spray paint was the kind that sprays all materials including plastic and metal.

I masked off the bookcase with tape and  paper to keep the top part the nice cherry coloured wood it started out, and sprayed the rest white. I followed this up by spray painting the shelves in each of the three colours we had chosen.

N.B I should probably point out at this point I did not spray anything in my current state, rather I stood inside and directed from the window whilst Josh sprayed in the yard 🙂

And here is the end result.  Total cost $35 for the bookcase, $20 in spray paint, $3  in tape.  = $58



Easy Peasy Paper Bunting

IMG_2018 With the nursery being empty,where is the best place to start? Now I know a crib and a bookcase are important but I do not have those things to hand… I do however have paper! So bunting it is!

What you will need

A piece of Cardboard, a pencil and a ruler

Various sheets of coloured paper (I used paper from from a scrapbook block)

Craft knife or scissors



Measure out and draw a triangle on a piece of card and cut it out



Use this as a template to cut many triangles from your coloured paper


Put a tiny stripe of glue along the front top edge of the paper, and carefully attach to your desired length of ribbon, keep going until you reach the end.

IMG_1883 IMG_1884



Seriously how hard was that?

I seemed to have misplaced my brain…

So the vacation was longer than expected… With the travel and the exhibitions…oh and the small matter of having a baby, my head has been all over the place.  Well actually its mainly been in one place, in the toilet…for some reason being violently ill for 10 weeks didnt really lend itself to blogging!!

But I am back, and sign off now if you are baby phobic cause its nursery crafting all the way from now on in!

SO here goes

The nursery is starting out neutral because I am notorius for changing my mind,  This is the room before (we haven’t touched it since we moved in 🙂 )

Nursery Before

A couple of coats of paint and some serious concentration to not make wiggly lines, this is what I came up with a few days later!

 New room

Im keeping it short today because there is a whole lot more where this came from stay tuned… I’m Having way too much fun!

And now for something a little different…

This is going to be my final post for about a month!  The last six months have been crazy and amazing, and due to all the support I have received I now have a fully functioning shop, vending machine art across the nation and have won several awards for my photography. So why the break you ask?   In september I will be travelling to two art shows in which my work is going to featured and I have a large quantity of prints to produce and travel plans to make before leaving, so I’m still keeping busy!

AND I am taking a short vacation with my husband as we have been so busy lately I am starting to forget what he looks like.

 I am very excited for this next chapter and feel truly blessed by all the support I have received so far on this crazy adventure.  All that is left to say is, see you all in a month, enjoy what is left of the summer and bring on the Fall!!

Going Old Skool

So co incidentally at the same time as starting my halloween projects  I have become addicted to face off.  The movie monster make up competition on Syfy.  Up until a month ago I did not know it existed, now I can not live without it. The reason… It brings back some great memories for me, namely this.

Batman  Torso

So to kick off my Halloween season I am going back in time, I would like to share with you a costume FX suit I made with a team of FX specialists.

This is the Batsuit (actually one of many)  from the movie Batman Begins. It was one of my first jobs out of art school.  I learnt so much from the talented people in the costume FX department here I firmly believe I would not be where I am today without their instruction and support.

Sometimes for fun I watch the movie now, and its hard to actually put what I am seeing on the screen in the same thought process as the one that includes all that work way back in time in the art studio.  I feel truly honoured to have been a part of the creation of such an iconic image.

The nice thing about this? Whatever happens now or in the future I am eternally etched onto scrolling credits! I have made my tiny mark on the world, and one day I can sit down with my kids and a bucket of popcorn and say

I made that.

Toil and Trouble…

I am a sucker for the holidays, especially now I live in country that celebrates all year round (it’s true if you go into my local craft store you can buy Christmas goodies in July) But as understanding as my husband is, even I get disapproving looks when old tv reruns appear set at Christmas and I bounce up and down excitedly only to be told firmly to stop because it is August.  However that is all about to change!

I have discovered that to run a craft shop you logically need to be well ahead of the game when it comes to product design, so I get to think about holidays all year round now!!

What better place to start than Halloween? The next few posts are going to be geared towards brain storming this candy coma inducing holiday and all the fun that goes with it

woop woop

No more shall I hide my holiday addiction, you just wait Thanksgiving…I’m coming for you next!

Art O Matic…

This week has been very exciting here in the Prop Laundry Shop. Having been busy painting all week, I have just shipped my first order of miniature art works off to the amazing company Art O mat, for sale in their vending machines nation wide.

For obvious reasons this is huge news, having been static for so long to have my images picked to sell by a chain has been a great confidence boost, but also because the pieces are small and made in bulk, it is something I can control the speed of, so wont hinder my recovery in any way.

Art o Mat is a company that uses old vintage cigarette machines to vend miniature one of a kind pieces of art, at vending machine prices in various locations across the USA.  There are even 8 machines in Las Vegas where I live so if they get distributed out here I can go and have a vending machine party 🙂

The nicest part about this project is that it will be ongoing and I really enjoy the work, my first feather in my cap!

Here is a sneak peek of the work available

Art O mat Blocks

Will let you know about locations soon!